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Heartily as Unto the Lord

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And Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men " (Col. 3:23).

Recently, I preached a series of lessons here at Norton entitled Building Christian Character. In part one, I addressed how that Christians must always remember to do things "heartily, as to the Lord." To me, this is a wonderful passage of Scripture, and a true character builder.
You see, those who put their ALL (heart) into what they do are those who are building good, strong character. Christians who only do things half-hearted lack a wonderful quality introduced by the apostle Paul.
For example: Have you ever been asked by someone to help with a certain task? Perhaps, you said "yes" but, inwardly, you really didn't want to do it. Likely, we've all been there at one point or another within our lives. Maybe, the task was to help paint a couple of rooms in someone's house. So, because we're not assisting heartily, then we may splash small amounts of paint on the carpet, or leave a little bit of paint on some of the windows because we hurried through our work.
Or, maybe we're asked to help someone move. We say "yes" on the outside but we grumble about it inwardly. So, we help move box after box, complaining about how difficult this task is, carelessly setting boxes of dishes down, not really being too concerned about what might get broken, because all we want to do is "get this over with." This is just another example of not doing something heartily.
Remember, Paul says in this Passage that "whatsoever we do" it is like doing it for the good Lord. So, the lesson is; if the Lord were to ask us to mow the grass, would we carelessly do it? If the Lord were to ask us to paint a room, would it be sloppy? If the Lord were to ask us to help Him move, would we grumble and complain about it? No! Therefore, when we do these things for others, we should have the same hearty disposition! Again, this verse is a good character building passage no doubt about it!



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