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Good Sisters

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Or what knowest thou, O wife, whether thou shalt save [thy] husband? or how knowest thou, O man, whether thou shalt save thy wife?"(l Cor. 7:16).
Genesis 7:7 reveals the good influence a godly man had over his wife (or was that vise-versa?). Mrs. Noah was saved. But when Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, was this. so because a good wife had helped him master his fears and faults?

Hannah was diligent to worship with her husband; she was undoubtedly good for Elkanah (1 Sam. chapters 1 and 2).

The Persian Queen Vashti suffered because of her convictions when she refused to violate her modesty even though her husband the King demanded it (Esther chapter 1).
The wise Abigail did not defend her husband's sin, and even interceded with David for him (1 Sam. 25)-{how needed are Abigail’s).
In the New Testament, both Zachriah and Elizabeth were righteous before God, another account of a godly woman as a true help meet, aiding and encouraging her husband
to faithfulness (Luke 2:6).

Timothy's mother was evidently a godly woman, who, under the duress of marriage to a gentile, trained her young son to respect God and His will (2 Tim. 1:5). All this in the face of an unbelieving husband.

I am acquainted with sisters who remained faithful long after their husbands had left the church. I know of men who obeyed the gospel primarily because their wives lived faithfully before them. I could name some of our brothers who have gone into liberal and careless things because their wives had not enough love for the Lord to speak up in the first few steps taken. I have known congregations that remained faithful, largely due to the strength of sisters in the congregation who strengthened their men. But I have also seen good men led into careless tolerance by unconverted wives. "He that findeth a wife [not a woman, but a genuine, contributing wife of wisdom] findeth a good thing" (Prov. 18:22).

Godly women help bad men outgrow their "badness," and help good men serve the Lord even better.



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